Current Sensor Simulator Module For HIL Applications


H1-DCO current sensor simulator module closeup

Digital current output sensor simulator module

The H1-DCO (digital current output) current sensor simulator modules are designed to simulate current-based sensors such as 7/14mA Hall effect sensors commonly found on vehicles, such as wheel speed sensors, transmission sensors, cam sensors and crankshaft sensors. Typical applications are to simulate a wide range of sensors present throughout modern vehicles.

The HIL H1-DCO module is a fixed purpose signal conditioning module designed to simulate two state low current outputs.

The normal application for these is hall effect simulation where a 7mA low and 14mA high current output level is required. Other levels are available upon request.

The output current is predominantly independent of the applied voltage over the working range of the module. The output is optically isolated from the HIL side and can be configured via links. Configurations of single-ended source, single-ended sink or isolated differential output are possible.

I/O delivered

• 7mA to 14mA digital current output


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