Switch Simulation Unit & Resistance Simulation Unit For HIL


H4 switch simulation unit closeupThe H4-SA16-RS2-A unit is a switch simulation unit and resistance simulation unit for HIL, and provides up to 16 differential digital switch sensor simulation channels in a compact and distributed format, with the optional ability to operate up to two isolated 3-terminal resistance sensors.

The switch/sensor actuation unit contains 16 fully protected solid state relays controlled by a DSP controller, making it very suitable for remote I/O expansion, control and test applications. When the switch actuation is required, the 32 inputs act as diagnostic lines for the relays and protection state.

Each device also supports up to two channels of simulated resistances. Each channel of resistance represents an electronically controllable three-terminal potentiometer for control of devices requiring floating (optically isolated) resistance for their input control. They can also be used as an input attenuator, as required for other equipment. Typically, these are used in distributed fashion about the vehicle, physically positioned next to the modules to be simulated or monitored.


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• Ultra small size • 32 Single-ended inputs
• Switch simulators x 16 • Fully protected
 Built-in voltage monitoring


Parameter Specification
Vin (max) 35V
Vmeas (max) 30V
Pmax (µC) 3W
Imax (switch) 30mA
Continuous current at 25°C ±5mA
Maximum terminal voltage at 25°C ±12V
Operating temperature +10..+50°C
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