Sens-X Vehicle Current Measurement Software Analysis Suite

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The Sens-X vehicle current measurement software or GDSP GUI allows quick and easy configuration of smartfuse measurement systems. It may also be used for in-depth analysis of current measurement data. The GDSP GUI has been created with and runs within VISUALCONNX, our real-time systems interface creation package. Sens-X systems are also compatible with any CAN 2.0b compatible software packages. Sens-X systems are configured using the GDSP GUI.


Vehicle current measurement GUI GDSPUsing a pre-configured GUI, each smartfuse in a system can be monitored and configured to stream its data onto CAN. This data can also be analysed and manipulated in the supplied GDSP GUI, which is hosted in our real-time interface creation software VISUALCONNX.

So, the GUI supports setup, monitoring and logging of measurements. Additional options include monitoring and logging CAN traffic.


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Vehicle current measurement CANdbEfficient communication

Configure streaming measurements by simply loading a configuration and fuse data set for the current test setup. It is possible to stream data from a range of selected fuse points, plot the results as required for analysis and achieve immediate, increased visibility over test results.


VISUALCONNX Developer Real Time Interface CreatorVISUALCONNX allows powerful real-time user interfaces to be created in minutes – simplifying the logging, testing or simulation of embedded systems. Once complete, interfaces can be packaged and distributed in just a few clicks.

If offers wide compatibility with a range of target systems, and is comfortable with a range of complex requirements, even including an open API that allows users to create new connection types.

VISUALCONNX shortens the time necessary to create Human Machine Interfaces for testing or prototyping systems. It can connect to a model/executable in any open target over a wide range of physical interfaces, using standard protocols such as CAN, CCP and TCP/IP.

The intuitive drag & drop connection ‘tree’ is normally defined via the target interface or industry standard formats such as CANdB or other data dictionaries. By linking virtual controls to these connections it allows testing to being near-immediately.

The GDSP GUI comprises an interface project that runs within VISUALCONNX.

A 30-day trial of VISUALCONNX Full Developer release is provided with all purchases of Sens-X. VISUALCONNX Full Developer is not required for day-to-day use of smartfuses.

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