PED Sensor Testing Now Available For Genix Test Unit

PED Sensor Testing Now Available For Genix Test Unit

Published on 9th October 2018

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Genix Test Unit plus PED sensoradd2 is happy to announce further enhancements to our Genix Test Unit to include PED sensor testing.

The GTU is a testing solution that provides the means of performing a number of electrical and communications tests for a range of electronic components within sub-assemblies, such as bumpers and spoilers, at the end of the production line.

Following the manufacture of these sub-assemblies, it is important to ensure that the correct components have been fitted, fully connected, and with the specified engineering revisions to avoid production line delays or costly product recalls. So it is crucial to ensure these sensors are tested correctly.

A Pedestrian (PED) sensor reacts to collisions in order to improve pedestrian safety in the event of an accident. This is comprised of two pressure sensors attached at either end of a plastic tube fitted along the width of the bumper, which when compressed causes the bonnet to loosen automatically. Until recently, we would provide a separate sensor test unit for testing PED sensors, alongside the GTU.

PED sensor testing has now been incorporated into the GTU to provide a cost-effective test solution for automotive manufacturers. The GTU can now test these sensors by using an actuator to squeeze the pressure tube, simulating a traffic incident, and communicating with the sensors to ensure that the pressure is being detected at each end.

The GTU is capable of testing a wide range of sensors and electronics in sub-assemblies such as bumpers, spoilers and door modules alongside PED sensors, including:

      • AK or HP Parking Assistance Sensors
      • Single or Parallel wired Gesture Sensors
      • Switches – for door and window locks
      • Tweeter speaker – door open warnings, for example
      • Intelligent Switch Packs – functionality such as mirror adjustment, via LIN


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About Genix Test Unit

GTU in operation, at SIMS Engineering

GTU in operation, at SIMS Engineering

The Genix Test Unit helps engineers to ensure that the correct components are present, of the correct engineering revision and that they function as designed.

The system tests the presence and functionality of electrical components immediately after manufacture, following instructions given by the PLC of the assembly station.

Common devices tested include parking sensors, gesture sensors, PED sensors, cameras and lamps within vehicle bumpers, spoilers and door modules.

So, GTU helps vehicle sub-assembly manufacturers to verify electrical components and mitigate against the risk of delivering faulty equipment.

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