We have established a number of strong links to universities, allowing us to draw on the expertise of the university and to help us to contribute to delivering new and innovative technology.

In addition, many of our products are used in academia as a learning platform and to enable universities to further their academic work.

The range of projects we cover with universities is very broad and ranges from the supply of software solutions such as VISUALCONNX through to supply of full Genix real-time HIL simulators.

Fields of technological partnership range from alternative energy and power generation through to auto sport and testing.

If you are interested in establishing a strategic partnership with us, or want to learn more about how we might work together, please contact us for more information.

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Success stories

There have been a number of success stories as a result of our close academic relationships, ranging from our academic sponsorship program through to government-assisted multiple business working groups, such as the successful EVoCS project.

add2 as a hardware tools vendor

The output of add2 as a hardware tool vendor working in partnership with universities has even brought about world-acclaimed innovation awards for products allowing low voltage testing.

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