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The VISUALCONNX real-time interface creator software suite can help you to build powerful graphical interfaces and analysis tools quickly, and without the need for programming.

Using drag-and-drop mechanics, it is possible to create a wide selection of interfaces to real-time connections over common automotive protocols, such as CAN, Ethernet and more.

Support is offered for a wide range of built-in graphical objects or plug-in components, as well as extensive data logging and scripting. Automation from third-party software is also possible.

VISUALCONNX can therefore be used both as a powerful control and data analysis tool and to create test interfaces on-the-fly with minimal requirement for technical expertise.


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Technical overview:

The VISUALCONNX range of products comprises Microsoft Windows hosted graphical user interface software, primarily designed for connecting to real-time hardware and software.

Vehicle dashboard created using VISUALCONNXVISUALCONNX is designed for test engineers, developers and systems engineers who will be using or building graphical user interfaces (GUIs), allowing interfacing to real-time systems for the purposes of testing, measuring or logging parameters and signals from the target system.

Using intuitive mouse-driven drag-and-drop editing, you can quickly connect your real-time interface to CAN, Simulink Real-Time or MICROGen RCP hardware.

Licenses are available for different levels of users:

Full Developer

The Full Developer license supports the highest level of creativity, allowing UI components to be added to forms, scripts to be written using templates, and data logging to be added to the project. All connection types are supported, including the API (advanced programmers interface). Projects can also be saved and exported as a redistributable ‘package’.

GUI Builder

The GUI Builder license offers a level of creativity to allow UI components to be added to forms and then connected to support any real-time target. Projects can then be saved and exported as a redistributable ‘package’.


The Run-Time license allows any previously created GUI or Full Developer ‘package’ to be opened and used on the targeted real-time connection.


With Full Developer, you can support almost any programming needs by creating a script (VBScript recommended, but Jscript and Python can also be supported) and intercepting user changes or real-time signal and I/O displays as required.

Drag-and-drop development

By dragging the GUI components (known as controls) onto the window (known as a form), you can quickly and easily build a user interface with many powerful capabilities.

Once your controls are placed, you can open a connection to the real-time connection, such as CAN or CCP, and drag the node in the connection tree to connect the GUI to the real-time signal parameter or I/O point required.

Packaging support

To help you distribute your real-time project, the package manager creates a single installer for deploying all forms and graphics designed to run on the VISUALCONNX Run-time. This can be especially helpful when using other departments, outsourcing some of your testing or for tier one suppliers.

Support for plug-in Active-X components

Active-X components may be used to add rich controls to your user interfaces with configurable mapping of properties and methods to fit within the user interface expectations. Where necessary, further scripting may be added to map additional properties and methods to enhance the user experience as required.

Drag and drop creation of real time GUI animation

Access to all connection types

A number of real-time connections are supported, each of which is represented as a hierarchical tree of signals, parameters or I/O.

By selecting the appropriate connection type you can then open a link to the real-time hardware, thus enabling the drag-drop connection for your model or real-time implementation.

An open API (Advanced Programmers Interface) is also available for Full Developer licenses to create their own connections using VB, C++ or MATLAB as required.

Host data logging support (via script templates)

Using supplied script templates, logging of some or all controls on each form can be logged to memory in a straightforward manner.

When the GUI application is then run, the logging takes place seamlessly and stores the data within the project for off-line viewing and exporting to a CSV file.

Basic vehicle dashboard created using VISUALCONNX

VISUALCONNX is a powerful, flexible real-time systems interface creation package that allows for interfaces to be created quickly, easily and without the need for programming.

Drag-and-drop GUI

Example real-time control dialCreate simple or complex interfaces to real-time systems in minutes by simply dragging and dropping controls into place and linking these with a wealth of real or virtual connections, depending on your test setup.

Data aware controls

Data aware controlsControls automatically change and reach according to the type of data that they are connected to, whether vector, scalar or matrix. This results in having sophisticated interfaces up and running in a quick and easy fashion.

Support for scripting

Scripting exampleTemplates are provided in languages such as VBScript, JScript and Python. This allows the creation of a wide array of advanced features. add2 is happy to create bespoke scripts on request.

Powerful graphics

Complex dashboard and data analysisAll controls in VISUALCONNX will scale and change according to their purpose. The controls animate in real-time, and can be configured in a variety of different ways which results in feature-rich, striking user interfaces.

Selection of VISUALCONNX control screens

• Setup and control of hardware-in-the-loop systems

• Diagnostic interfaces for Rapid Control Prototyping systems

• Monitoring interfaces for a range of applications

• Scripting development based on supplied templates and libraries

• Control strategy calibration interfaces

• Drag-and-drop GUI development

• Packaging support (re-distribute applications) 

• Access to all connection types (Multi-CAN, xPC, MICROGen and many more)

• Support for plug-in Active-X components

•  Data logging support

• Data logging GUI for a range of applications



Default connections CAN, Ethernet, RT-Linux, COFF, Simulink Real-Time (formerly xPC), MICROGen, MATLAB, RTLAB, Virtual connection (software connection)
Testing support Model-in-the-loop, Hardware-in-the-loop, ATE test systems, General testing
Alphanumeric controls Label, Test Box, Property Edit Box, Rotated Text, Table Text Entry, Excel Text Entry
Dial controls Digital Switch, Push Button, Vertical Scroller, Horizontal Scroller, Check Box, Option Group, Multi-Picture, Multi-LED, Knob, Instrument, Simple Gauge, Percent, Progress, Slider
Chart controls Strip Chart, 2D Graph, 3D Graph, XY Graph
Graphics controls Frame, Picture Box, Shape, Line, WebAni
Special controls Hot Spot, Timer
ActiveX Month Calendar, Odometer, Selector, Numeric LED, Banana Control. Compatible with many user-supplied ActiveX controls
Control types Read, Write, Scalar, Vector, Matrix, Script Event, Image, Transparency
Compatible targets Simulink Real-Time, RT-Linux, RT-LAB, MICROGen, H2, H3, H4, LVTGO-VBS
Scripting support VBScript, Jscript, Python
Protocols supported CAN, XCP, CCP, TCP/IP, COM, DCOM
Data support Maximum of 256,000 signals, parameters, inputs and outputs
Licence types Full Developer, GUI Designer, Run-Time
Windows support XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10
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