COMMDongle USB CAN Interface Software Analysis Suite

COMMDongle Software

COMMDongle units are shipped with CANSurf, which is our USB CAN interface software diagnostics tool that runs in parallel with the device to monitor CAN messages. It also comes with a 30-day trial of VISUALCONNX, our real-time systems interface creation software.

About CANSurf

CANSurf USB CAN analysis softwareCANSurf allows users to monitor, receive, send and log CAN messages on the CAN bus. Advanced features include message filtering, tracking and exporting to CSV. It also has the ability to broadcast messages with time stamps. Performing this range of useful actions and more is made easy with the CANSurf user-friendly interface.

With CANdB import via the VISUALCONNX multi-CAN connection, COMMDongle devices can be used to monitor and control systems at a signal level via CAN.


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Currently supporting fully-signed drivers for Microsoft Windows XP, 7 and 8, 32 and 64bit, and a wide range of programming languages in addition to VISUALCONNX, these communications interface devices offer a quick monitoring, diagnostics and simulation tool.

CANdb access

Using our real-time user interface creation software, VISUALCONNX, a wide range of custom CANdb analysing tasks can be easily created and carried out, such as node monitoring and emulation.

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