Real Time Model Simulation And Design | Simulink Real-time

Simulink Real-time | Real-time Model Design And Simulation

Simulink Real-Time offers real time model simulation and is a software product from The MathWorks that facilitates building of Simulink models so they can be run in hard real-time on dedicated hardware based on a PC compatible architecture.

The product is particularly suitable for real-time simulation, hardware-in the-loop (HIL) simulation systems and powerful Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) systems. We can provide a number of solutions supporting this software environment.

Accessing real-time hardware

A wide range of I/O driver libraries exist for commonly available I/O and interfacing cards, including our signal conditioning product Genix for HIL and RCP solutions.

Driver support is built into Simulink via the library browser for Simulink Real Time driver blocks:

Simulink Real-time Model Simulation For HIL & RCP Driver Blocks

Key elements of a Simulink Real Time system

Simulink Real-time Modelling & Simulation System Overview
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Support for a wide range of peripherals

Our Simulink Real Time-enabled Genix targets support a wide range of distributed I/O boards, plug in I/O, signal conditioning cards and fault insertion boards to cover a wide range of test and development needs.

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