Fixed Power Supply Modules For HIL H1 POD Carriers


H1-DCSFI-xxV Fixed power supply modules closeup

Direct current single output fixed voltage module

The H1-DCSFI-xxV (Direct Current Single output Fixed voltage Isolated output) modules are fixed power supply modules for H1 PODs. Up to 8 H1-DCSFI modules may be fitted into a H1 POD.

These isolate, low-noise DC output modules are designed to provide local outputs from our hardware-in-the-loop H1 series signal conditioning pods for low current Electronic Control Units or other hardware. Further applications include providing low current power supplies for bespoke electronics and transducers that require voltages not present in the HIL system power supplies.

The output voltage of the module is isolate to enable differential front connections to allow forward or reverse connection, and as with all Genix modules, these are overload and short circuit protected. The output voltage -xxV are typically 5, 12 or 15 volts.

I/O delivered

• 5V @ 3A • 12V @ 1.25A
• 15V @ 1A


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