Genix HIL Sub-racks Chassis For Card & Carrier Housing

Genix Sub-racks

Genix HIL sub-rackGenix HIL sub-racks are designed to house all signal conditioning and special purpose hardware. This includes all Genix PODs, I/O modules and special-purpose Genix cards. Custom Genix sub-racks can be purchased individually in order to add capability to an existing system. Alternatively, they can be supplied as part of a wider HIL system with plant model capability.

Genix HIL sub-rack in complete HIL system


The Genix HIL sub-racks provide the plug-in framework for all Genix cards and PODs. These cards and pods are plug-in signal conditioning hardware that provide the real-world I/O to the plant model and can be reconfigured in software and so may be easily repurposed.

Up to 15 sub-racks can be stacked together within a Genix HIL rack, and within individual sub-racks, 14 slots are provided for Genix cards and PODs.

Sub-racks come in a standard 3U, 19″ form factor, with passthrough support to facilitate the ‘daisy chaining’ of multiple sub-racks within a system.

Using the HIL Configuration utility (HCU), the signal conditioning of individual cards and channels may be configured and stored, with single ended and differential connectivity.


A key part of the scalable hardware-in-the-loop solutions is the ability to support the range from small, medium to large systems without having to change to a different system entirely. The Genix range meets this need.

Systems can be built with as few as one sub-rack to many sub-racks in a single rack unit. With the potential to house fifteen, 19″ sub-racks in a rack. Genix systems are able to offer hundreds of I/O, according to the requirements at hand. These I/O can be swiftly reconfigured in software, resulting in reduced manual reconfiguration and less time elapsed between test sequences.


H2 slot sub-rack power supply module

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Genix HIL H1-PSU-350WThe H1-PSU-350W (Power supply 350W version) module is a dedicated power supply for racks requiring basic levels of power while using minimal rack space.

This module is a high power compact unit with internal temperature controlled variable speed fans. Voltages are factory preset for a specific application to provide the best compatibility for your purchased Genix equipment.


7 slot Genix PSU module with VBATT

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Genix HIL H1-PSU-VBATTThe H1-PSU-VBATTĀ (Power Supply with VBATT output) module is a dedicated 1.2kW power supply module required for Genix HIL racks where higher levels of power are required, that also require a high power external supply output for use perhaps by the system under test.

The Vbatt output can be controlled in a number of ways including rear control signal, front panel knob and HCU software.