Signal Conditioning Prototyping Board For Hardware-in-the-loop


Communications connection and prototyping cardCommunications connection and prototyping card

This signal conditioning prototyping board is a configurable unit providing a platform on which to develop special signal conditioning designs using plug-in PCBs.

The boards also provide the facility to select differential communications such as CAN from the rear sub-rack connections through to the front screw terminal connectors. These communications may be selected via jumpers to appear at the front as required and also be terminated via loading resistors.

The front panel carries LEDs to indicate the power and selected status when connected to HIL Configuration Utility and Genix power supplies are also available to designers on the prototype board.

This card is designed for HIL testing applications where a number of features are required such as communication bus connection, termination or interface prototyping for buses such as CAN and LIN.


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 High-speed • Automotive I/O compatible voltages
• Configurable from serial data stream • Custom configurable
• Selectable differential communications


Parameter Specification
V+ to V- 37V
ECM I/O+ 30V
Continuous power dissipation 5W
I/O lines Rated in excess of 5A
Operating temperature 10..+50°C
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