HIL module with Digital In/Out, Analogue In/Out & Resistive Functionality


Digital In/Out, Analogue In/Out & Resistive HIL Module

Protected, configurable signal conditioning module

The H1-4 I/O is a HIL module with digital in/out, analogue in/out & resistive functionality. It is a fully configurable signal conditioning I/O module designed for hardware-in-the-loop applications.

Type 4 modules are particularly appropriate for systems where the I/O specification is likely to change (such as one digital input line to another type of input) or where the system may be reconfigured to cover a range of test scenarios which involve significant low level I/O changes.

Modules can be re-configured via the configuration bus, which requires a USB controller. Configurations supporting most common applications are selectable via the data stream.

These modules operate from split supplies with a maximum differential of 36V and an additional logic supply. Unbalanced supplies are common for automotive applications, allowing for high external I/O without compromising maximum working voltages.

The ECU 0V and the HIL 0V are designed to allow for ground offsets without introducing errors


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• -10..+20V analogue output • -10..+20V analogue input
• Digital output 5..20V@1A • Configurable resistive load 270>-3M>
 Configurable load 270R-3M


Parameter Specification
V+ to V- 36V
ECM I/O+ 30V
Imax out (continuous channel) 1A
Iout (analogue) 40mA
Continuous power dissipation 4W
Operating temperature 10..+50°C
Compatible HIL I/O TTL/CMOS/10V
Digital output drive 1A
Analogue drive 35mA
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