Up To 32-channel Single-ended Or Differential I/O Carrier


HIL differential I/O carrierDifferential Genix standard POD

The DG-POD is a differential I/O carrier and supports a range of DSP-based I/O modules supporting up to 32 channels of fully configurable, single and differential I/O, with voltage, current, frequency, resistance and complex waveform capabilities.

Up to 16 DSP modules can be fitted to DG-POD which may be configured via one or more distributed CAN networks to support an extensive range of applications. Each module may also be programmed with different firmware.

Front panel connections provide ECM I/O connections and up to three measurement references (VEXT) and two 0V connections are supported. Rear connections may be low level I/O or CAN.


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• Automotive, aerospace & more compatible • Configurable real-time interface via CAN
• Software & jumper selectable configurations • On board protection for modules
 Simulink blockset compatible


Parameter Specification
ECM I/O+ ±60V (H1 racks)
ECM I/O- ±60V (H1 racks)
Imax out (continuous) 5A
Imax out (transient) 8A
Genix V+ to V- 36V (H1 racks)
Operating temperature 10..+50°C
Carrier board internal power dissipation 4W
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