HIL Modules With Waveform Generation Capability


H3-DSP-COF HIL modules with waveform generation closeupComplex output function distributed I/O module

Genix GDSP-COF I/O modules are HIL modules with waveform generation capability. They have fully configurable DSP processing and signal conditioning, and are designed for a wide range of test and verification applications.

The GDSP-COF is aimed at applications requiring complex output facilities and also supports waveform generation capabilities on module.

These modules are targeted at applications where the ability to easily re-configure the hardware and function of the interface is required. Such applications include hardware-in-the-loop testing systems and simulator interfaces.

Modules can be re-programmed and configured via a CAN interface and then act as input or output, analogue or digital processing modules complete with the appropriate signal conditioning. They can be used in either H3 carriers or DDIN units.

Analogue Input

Analogue voltage and current input

Each module has 2 voltage inputs which can range from -60V to +60V. The (+) pin has a single input gain range and an optional, configurable resistance (4 bit 1.29KΩ to 1MΩ) to pull up/down/across the measurement. The (-) pin has single input gain range with 15KΩ. The module’s (+) pin can also be configured as a current input from -20 to +20mA to 0V.

Digital Input

Digital voltage or current input

The module’s 2 inputs can be used a digital voltage inputs. The configurable resistance may be optionally used (4 bit 1.29KΩ to 1MΩ).

Each input can have a programmable threshold from -50 to +50V in 400mV steps.

Frequency Input

Frequency or PWM inputs

The module’s 2 inputs can be used as a PWM or frequency input.

Inputs can measure from 3Hz up to 200KHz.

Both PWM duty cycle and frequency can be measured.

Analogue Output

Analogue voltage output

Each module has a single ECU analogue output. The + input can be used as an analogue voltage output range of -10V to 10V. The output can sink or source up to 20mA.

Analogue Output Differential

Differential voltage output

The (+) and (-) pins can be configured as a differential voltage output.

Analogue output differential.

Analogue Output Differential

Differential current output

The (+) and (-) pins can be configured as a differential current output.

Dual Differential Load

Configurable I/O Topology

The module has two input/output lines which can be configured as two single ended line or a single differential pair (hence the (-) and (+) pins).

The (+) pin has a configurable 4 bit load (1.29KΩ to 1MΩ) and the (-) pin has a configurable single bit load (15KΩ) which can be useful when interfacing to high impedance ECUs.

Digital Output AHAL

Digital outputs

Each module has two digital outputs, which can be used for PWM or frequency output.

Each output can be configured as active high, active low and half bridge. In addition, each output can be pulled up or down via the configurable load.

Digital Output AHAL

PWM outputs

The PWM output configurations are AH, AL and AHL. The range is 3..100K Hz, and the duty range is 0..100%.


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