HIL Modules With Analogue Output & Jumper Selectable Gains


H1-5 HIL modules with analogue output closeupAnalogue output signal conditioning module

H1-5s are HIL modules with analogue output & jumper-selectable gains, for use in a variety of applications.

H1-5 analogue output modules are used in hardware-in-the-loop testing applications to provide increased or reduced gains (for optimum resolution during test) and to offer additional protection to the real-time simulator’s I/O board. Unbalanced supplies are common for automotive applications, allowing for high external I/O without compromising maximum working voltages.

The H1-5 output modules are hardware-in-the-loop analogue output signal conditioning modules with jumper-selectable gains. Available gains include 2.0, 1.0 and 0.1.

Type 5 modules are particularly appropriate for systems where the output specification is fixed, but where the range required is likely to change.

The maximum output is range nominally -10V to +20V and up to 30mA, depending on input voltage and loading conditions and may be limited by the gain range selected.

The ECU 0V and the HIL 0V are designed to allow for ground offsets without introducing errors.

I/O delivered

• -10V to +20V, 30mA analogue output


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