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The Genix Test Unit bumper electronics test software enables number of electrical and communications tests on components at assembly stations during manufacture.

Common devices tested include parking sensors, gesture sensors, PED sensors, cameras and headlamps. The unit is appropriate for end of line testing of vehicle sub-assemblies such as bumpers, spoilers and door modules.

It’s capable of providing both continuity and functionality testing using a range of protocols, for example using LIN, CAN or PSI5.

GTU Diagnostics Application

Vehicle bumper test resultsOur GTU Diagnostics Application can analyse test results being read by the GTU in detail while it’s operating. It allows users to change the firmware in the GTUs that already exist, in order to move from one vehicle year to the next quickly, or if a component has changed.

This enables you to change tests to match changing requirements with minimal disruption. It can also diagnose potential issues in the physical setup, such as wiring.

“The Genix Test Units integrated into our existing machines easily and we had no negative feedback from our supplier base. I personally went around every machine in the UK when they were installed last summer and it was pretty clear how they were functioning and that the HMI controls were very positive.”

Nick Towers, Manufacturing Group Leader, Plastic Omnium | Read the full case study here


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Vehicle harness test results GUIVISUALCONNX allows powerful real-time user interfaces to be created in minutes – simplifying the logging, testing or simulation of embedded systems. It offers wide compatibility with a range of target systems, and is comfortable with a range of complex requirements, even including an open API that allows users to create new connection types.

To control the GTU, a custom GUI can be built. This can be done either by the user or in-house at add2. The flexibility VISUALCONNX provides allows users to make full use of all of the features that the GTU offers.

Custom, complex VISUALCONNX interfaces can be used to drill down into test results. Alternatively, a simple pass/fail interface can be used to achieve a quick and clear result, depending on requirements.

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