Genix HIL Cards For CAN Switching, Current Measurement, Loading

Genix Cards

Selection of Genix HIL cardsA range of HIL cards are available to slot directly into Genix sub-racks. Although physically similar to Genix PODs, cards do not house modules, and have their functionality built-in.

Genix cards plug into sub-racks to meet a large variety of HIL testing requirements. Typical functionality includes the emulation of loads, communications switching and relay simulation.

Genix HIL cards within full HIL system


LIN switch card with fault insertion

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LIN switching cardThe LIN Switch board is a 16-channel configurable LIN grouping and switching board with fault insertion capabilities.

Each board is compatible with add2 HIL racks, occupying three slots and supporting up to 16 incoming LIN buses, which may be daisy-chained (via the LIN routers), to allow large-scale LIN networks to be built.


CAN switch card with fault insertion

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CAN switching cardThe CAN Switch board is an 8 channel configurable low, medium or high-speed CAN switch board with fault insertion capabilities.

The CANSWF can route each of the 8 ECM CAN channels (CH0..7) at the front of the pod to 1 of 4 CAN buses (CAN A..D) applied to the rear of the board, and also perform fault insertion on each ECM CAN channel.


ECU Power Supply switch card

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HIL Power Supply cardThe ECUPSU-SW card enables HIL test systems to choose a power supply for each ECU within a test system, under software control.

It is a 16 channel configurable switch board with 4 connectors. Two supplies are accommodated with the ability to select from the supply or via a current measurement board, which can be directed through the board to allow current measurement of one or a combinations of ECMs.


ECU PSU current measurement card

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HIL current measurement cardThis ECU power supply current measurement card enables testing of supply currents fed into electronic control units in HIL test systems.

It is a two-channel voltage and measurement board designed to complement the ECM power supply switch card, allowing the current and voltage for any ECM or combination of ECMs to be displayed/measured.


Communications connection and prototyping card

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HIL prototyping cardThe H1-COMPROT communications connection and prototyping board is a configurable card providing a platform on which to develop special signal conditioning designed using plug-in PCBs in similar fashion to ‘veroboard’.

The boards provide the facility to select differential communications such as CAN from the rear sub-rack connections through to the front screw terminal connectors.


Programmable Load card

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HIL programmable load cardThe H2-PRGLD-ISOLOAD board provides 8 channels of fast controllable current or voltage controlled loading.

Optional high-end capability is available by using the Programmable Load Simulink Target Support Package (TSP) to embed a model into each card.


8 channel high current relay card

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HIL relay simulation cardThe H1-RELAY-A boards are fixed relay signal conditioning boards used for relay and switch simulation.

This board contains all driver and protection circuitry to deliver 8 change-over relay contacts at the front of the board, driven from the rear hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) I/O connections.