Simulink Programmable Load Card For HIL Simulation


30V Programmable Load Card

Programmable load card

The programmable load card provides 8 channels of fast controllable current or voltage controlled loading. Optional high-end capability is available by using the Programmable Load Simulink Target Support Package (TSP) to embed a model into each card.

These cards are designed for test and development engineers who need to present their hardware with believable transient load to high power levels.

They control the current in a closed-loop mode for each channel, with the control being driven from either the HIL I/O lines or from the CAN interface. Each channel can be configured to a number of modes including current control, voltage control, controlled resistance and a user Simulink® model.

Programmable loads provide end users with sufficiently high dynamic load simulation to reduce the need for on-vehicle or real load tests, while also being able to provide more repeatable and predictable results.


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 Thermal overload protection • Microcontroller based control
• Control signals via CAN or analogue voltage • Optional embedded Simulink® support
• Motor and solenoid DC simulation


Parameter Specification
Load terminals 65V
Minimum voltage for current control 6V
CAN H or CAN L 0 – 16V
Imax out (continuous load/channel) 20A
Imax out (peak load/channel) 30A
Max voltage per channel 65V
Max power dissipation (board) 1KW
Operating temperature 10..+50°C
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