HIL Module With Analogue Input/Output And Digital Input


H1-7 HIL module with analogue input/output and digital input closeup

Configurable input signal conditioning module

The H1-7 is a HIL module with analogue input/output and digital input. It allows configurable signal conditioning. It provides single-ended or differential input capabilities, with configurable loading.

Type 7 modules are particularly appropriate for systems where the signal specification is likely to change or where the system may be reconfigured to cover a range of test scenarios which involve significant low level I/O changes.

Modules can be re-configured via a serial data stream configuration bus to act as analogue, digital or PWM input signal conditioning modules and configurations supporting most common applications are selectable via the data stream.

Unbalanced supplies are common for automotive applications, allowing for higher external I/O without compromising maximum working voltages.

I/O received

• -10V to +20V analogue input and output  • 5V to 20V digital input


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