COMMDongle USB CAN Interface Hardware Range

COMMDongle Hardware

USB CAN interface in laptopIf you need to keep your toolbox lightweight, small and yet robust, then COMMDongle USB CAN interface hardware can help. The range is designed for test development engineers or students working in vehicle controls systems.

Such individuals need convenient and compact communications interfaces, with signed drivers, covering a wide range of control software and many programming languages. COMMDongle meets these needs.

COMMDongle devices support one or more CAN communications buses and are designed to be used quickly and easily across a range of test
control applications.

They are in wide use across the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors and assist HIL systems interfacing, bus monitoring and communications data logging.


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Choosing your COMMDongle

COMMDongle devices have replaceable cables of your choice and a robust, easy-to-use latching connector which provides support for a range of cables and adapters.

They offer a single channel of CAN interfacing with switchable termination, audible status indication and galvanic isolation of the CAN bus.

Galvanic isolation is useful for avoiding current paths from the connected system to the host computer. This may occur when the connected system has a mains power supply which may not be at exactly the same potential as the computer ground.

Switchable termination allows more devices to connect to the bus without exceeding the bus loading limits.

Key features:

• Status LEDs • Optical isolation
• Variable baud rate • Extended identifiers
• Dongle licensing • Delta time stamp
• Bus monitoring • Audible status
• CAN termination • Replaceable cable

Dongle licensing

Devices can support hosting keys for add2 Windows-based software, allowing licenses to be shared within teams. Units also come with a 30-day free trial of VISUALCONNX, our real-time systems interface creation software.

Versatile deployment

Devices have replaceable cables of your choice and a robust and easy to use latching connector which provides support for a range of cables and adapters. This results in quick and easy deployment.

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