Differential I/O Carrier With Fault Insertion For HIL


HIL differential I/O carrier with fault insertionDifferential Genix POD with fault insertion

The HIL DGF-POD differential I/O carrier with fault insertion are a range of pods that are configurable, different input, signal conditioning I/O pods with internal Genix loading capability along with integrated fault insertion.

Two fault buses are supported allowing multiple pods to daisy-chain together to provide system wide, point-to-point, short circuit faults via one of the two fault buses.

A range of I/O modules may be used in the DGF according to the application. Up to 16 modules can be fitted, which are re-configured via a configuration bus to support most common applications.

Front panel connections provide ECM voltages and I/O along with fault insertion connections and up to three measurement references (VEXT) and two 0V connections are supported.


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• Highly configurable from serial data stream • Built-in fault insertion
• Configuration of internal loads • Self test and diagnostics fault hardware
 CAN configuration fault insertion


Parameter Specification
V+ to V- 37V
ECM I/O+ 30V
Imax out (continuous channel) 5A
Iout (analogue) 40mA
Operating temperature 10..+50°C
External I/O operation -10-+20V
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