350W HIL PSU For Genix Rack Power Supply Provision


2 slot 350W HIL PSUH2 slot sub-rack power supply module

This 350W HIL PSU (Power Supply 350W Version) module is a dedicated power supply for racks requiring basic levels of power while using minimal rack space.

This module is a high power compact unit with internal temperature controlled variable speed fans. Voltages are factory preset for a specific application to provide the best compatibility for your purchased Genix equipment. Usually, one sub-rack per main rack is fitted with a PSU and this provides all supply current for the Genix cards and PODs in that rack.

All required voltages for the Genix system are driven by the power supply and internally wired into the sub-rack to allow you to share the supplies with other racks. Obviously only one supply should be present in any ‘daisy chained’ group.


• Exceeds standard automotive ranges • Fan cooled
• Wide voltage setting ranges available • Power ON indication and switch


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