Genix HIL Hardware Systems For Simulation Testing

Genix Hardware

Genix hardware in the loop hardware overviewGenix rack systems are HIL hardware solutions containing real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulator interface routing and cabling, I/O and signal conditioning, power supplies and connectors suitable for connecting directly to a test bench.

Each rack typically contains a number of sub-rack chassis, containing custom cards designed to meet specific demands of HIL testing and simulation.

We work closely with you to design and configure your solution, ensuring that the correct boards have been chosen before building the rack to your exact requirements. If you require system integration this can also be provided, as part of a service package.

“It is easy to build the models for Genix in MATLAB, and the technical assistance is pretty good in Beijing.”

Yihe Wang, Engineer, Beijing Institute of Technology

Real-time targets

A family of hardware-in-the-loop-centric real-time simulators

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Genix Simulink programmable HIL targetGenix Targets comprise real-time hardware capable of running vehicle plant models, programmed in Simulink, for the benefit of HIL systems. They have 5 slots per rack, housing up to 160 I/O that can be expanded with additional racks for increased functionality.

Supplied with the Genix Target is the motherboard, processor, memory, power supply and I/O expansion slots, with speed up to 4.5 GHz and 32GB of RAM.


Designed for Genix I/O, signal conditioning and special function plug-in cards

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Genix HIL 3U Sub-rackGenix sub-racks provide housing for all signal conditioning and special-purpose Genix hardware including PODs, Cards and Modules. 14 slots are provided within its 3U, 19″ standard case.

They are supplied with an appropriate power supply up to 3kW. CAN-controlled PSUs are also available. Passthrough support is also provided to link mutliple subracks together.


A range of plug-in cards meeting your needs for hardware-in-the-loop testing

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Genix HIL cardsGenix cards plug into sub-racks or targets to meet a large variety of custom HIL testing requirements.

Example functionality includes the simulation of loads up to 60V, controllable via Simulink. Communication bus switching and integrated current measurement also feature.


Plug-in boards that maximise the use of the space within a sub-rack

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Genix PODs facilitate a rangeGenix HIL PODs of signal conditioning functionality through housing custom Genix modules. They also support special-purpose functionality such as the ability to introduce faults into the system or apply external loads.

Up to 16 differential channels or 32 single-ended channels are supported, per POD.


Small plug-in boards that support a wide range of functions

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Genix HIL I/O modulesGenix I/O modules provide signal conditioning for a wide range of automotive, industrial and aerospace interfaces. They provide the interface between the real-time simulator and the unit(s) under testing. With many modules fitting into multiple PODs, which in turn slot into multiple sub-racks in one HIL rack, the physical set-up of Genix can start to be visualised.

Genix modules are available offering many I/O types including analogue or digital input and output, PWM and pull-up/pull-down.


A range of units designed to support your connectivity needs

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Genix 90 way breakout box and CAN tee pieceOur Genix I/O routers ensure efficient allocation of the I/O channels by joining the connections from your real-time target to the signal conditioning or I/O boards. We can also provide modular cabling solutions to help you decide on the optimum connectivity solution for your application.

Our 90-way Breakout Box provides quick and easy access to up to 90 individual signal paths, providing a safe solution for gaining physical access to multiple signals.