Genix Hardware-in-the-loop Target For Simulation Testing

Genix Target

Genix hardware-in-the-loop targetHigh performance, PC-based simulation

The Genix target is a hardware-in-the-loop target offering an all-in-one solution for integrating PC chassis and signal conditioning cards within a single rack-based solution. It provides motherboard, processor, memory, power supply and expansion slots for I/O and special-purpose cards, alongside numerous slots for signal conditioning boards.

This minimises the complexity involved in connecting small-scale HIL projects. Because Genix offers signal conditioning that is re-configurable in software, the number of I/O required can be simplified. These units can be easily re-purposed for different testing requirements.

Genix target within HIL system

By supporting a number of different vendors, we can offer the widest range of I/O boards possible, which seamlessly interface with Genix signal conditioning and intelligent I/O. Integrated fault insertion, available through the Genix range, reduces the complexity of implementing fault automation.

For the widest range of compatibility with externally connected hardware, ruggedized replaceable screw terminal blocks are provided for all signal conditioning cards. When it is necessary to extend the I/O of the system, the generous number of interface slots – with the scalability of Genix – makes this simple.

Targets can be configured with our HCU (HIL Configuration Utility) software, and is fully compatible with Simulink® Real-Time™. They can also be expanded for equally size-efficient but larger systems, with additional racks. Target expansion also allows for an increased number of PCI/PCIe or Genix slots to be integrated.

Genix Targets can be used for standalone testing, or can be integrated within third-party HIL systems.


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Example microcontroller hardwareHigh performance

Many high power mechatronic applications can be tested or simulated quickly and easily, thanks to a powerful multi-core and multi-processor specification.


Genix HIL systems plus logoScalable solutions

Systems can be built up to meet virtually any size of project, due to a range of form factors and their compatibility with the test of the Genix range.


Genix HIL system PCI slotSystem networking

Targets offer broad compatibility with industry-standard technologies such as PCI and PCIe, avoiding supplier lock-in and allowing the optimum hardware for each application to be sourced.

Load emulation

Programmable load cards provide test engineers with sufficiently high dynamic load simulation to reduce the need for on-vehicle or real load tests, while also being able to provide more repeatable and predictable results.

HIL programmable load card

Intelligent I/O

A number of boards are available with build-in DSP controllers, capable of analogue input and output, digital input and output, PWM measurement and generation, resistance simulation, crank and cam sensor signal simulation and waveform generation.


HIL signal generation

Distributed simulation

A further range of boards, supporting application-specific requirements, are available to operate alongside the Genix Target. These offer facilities such as wheelspeed simulation, DC supply generation, pinch simulation, isolated digital I/O and fixed signal conditioning.

HIL switching and resistance module

Special-purpose boards

For meeting demanding test requirements such as high power or complex switching, a number of cards are available. These offer fault insertion boards for test automation and programmable loads for testing or simulating mechanical or charging systems.

Hardware in the loop cards



Processor i3, i5, i7. Xeon
Memory Up to 32GB
Display External LCD via HDMI DVI, VGA
Speed Up to 4.5 GHz
Power supply Universal 90-260V a.c., 48-62Hz
Power consumption 250W max, excluding system power for testing
Cooling Low noise, thermally controlled fans
Operating temperature -40 to 85°C
PCI/PCIe 0 to 85°C
Communications Expandable via PCI/PCIe
CP12 2
Bluetooth Optional
Ethernet 1
I/O Boards
Max length 3U
Max height 3U
Genix I/O
Max slots 5 (Can be significantly expanded with more racks)
Max modules 80
Max I/O 160 (Can be significantly expanded with more racks)
H3-DDINx4 DIN-Rail-based I/O carriers for H3 I/O modules
H4 Distributed I/O DSP based, networked I/O
H4-PWM Bridge Single channel closed loop current control PWM driver module
H4-SA16-(RS2-A) 16 channel switch simulation. 32 analogue input and dual resistive sensor simulation module
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