LVT-PSU CAN Controllable Power Supply Software Suite

LVT-PSU Software

The LVT-PSU is available as a standalone desktop unit in a form factor suitable for use in the lab, with controllable power supply software supplied. It can be controlled using its front panel, CAN messaging, an analogue input or the supplied GUI; created using our real-time interface creation software VISUALCONNX.

Setting voltage and current of power supplyLVT-PSU GUI

The PSU Control Form within the LVT-PSU GUI is one of the ways of controlling the LVT-PSU, by using the Control Form to set the control modes, output voltage and more. The LVT-PSU GUI is installed onto a host PC and communicates with the LVT-PSU via our CAN USB interface COMMDongle. Discussion of the control elements of the GUI follows below.

voltage dialControl the voltage

The main PSU voltage output can be set anywhere between the minimum of 2.0V and the maximum of 22.0V.

Current limit dialControl the current limit

The PSU current limit can be set anywhere between the minimum of 0 and the maximum of 125A d.c.

Voltage readback from GUIMonitor the actual voltage readback

You can define the rate at which the voltage is monitored and monitor the actual voltage readback via the control screen, which defaults at 25ms.

Output enable switchEnable or disable the main output

The PSU’s output stage can be turned on and off via the output enable when controlled via the GUI. To turn the PSU off in totality, you can switch the main power button off on the system’s front panel.

Power supply control modesSet the PSU control mode

The PSU control board supports a number of options for voltage control depending on your model, such as via the GUI, via the GUI and Front Panel, via CAN Message, via BNC Input or it can be controlled by an LVTGO-VBS unit when being used for controller robustness testing.


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