Safety Restraint Simulator Module For HIL Applications


SRS safety restraint simulator module closeup

Safety restraint simulator module

The HIL H1-SRS load modules are safety restraint simulator configurable signal conditioning modules used for the simulation of SRS (airbag and similar devices) electro-explosive transducer I/O. This offers significant safety and convenience benefits over testing with real airbag components.

The transducer simulation may be switched on and off under the control of add2’s HIL configuration software, HCU, or using the HIL I/O lines fed into the rear of the HIL sub-rack.

The SRS load is electrically isolated from the rest of the system voltages (maximum isolation 30V) so that both lines of the load may be sensed and/or controlled. Switching off the load allows testing of the ECU diagnostics. These are accurate (better than 1%).

These modules are intended for use alongside H1-4 and H1-7 series modules for differential high impedance voltage sensing across the load terminals. They also provide over-voltage protection and over-current protection against sustained abuse, as well as full support of low currents. The read-back confirms that the airbag deployment was attempted.

I/O delivered

• Safety restraint-simulation (-10V to +20V)


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