1.2kW HIL PSU with VBATT For Rack Power Supply


1.2kW HIL PSU with VBATT7 slot Genix PSU module with VBATT

The H1-PSU-VBATT (Power Supply with VBATT output) module is a HIL PSU with VBATT, offering a dedicated 1.2kW power supply module. It is required for Genix HIL racks where higher levels of power are required, that also require a high power external supply output for use perhaps by the system under test.

The VBATT output can be controlled in a number of ways including rear control signal (via HIL I/O), front panel knob and HCU software.

The front panel carried indication of mains input voltage when on and all DC supplies are indicated on the front panel to confirm correct operation.

Power supply fans are specially selected low acoustic noise fans which cool according to the loading on the PSU. Only at higher loads will the fans be louder, again allowing for use in office environments.


• Power ON indication and switch • Front fan cooled
• Wide voltage setting ranges available • Power rail LED indication


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