Model-in-the-loop Testing Concepts & Applications

Model-in-the-loop testing

Model-in-the-loop (MIL) testing and simulation is a technique used to abstract the behaviour of a system or sub-system in a way that this model can be used to test, simulate and verify that model.

Model-in-the-loop testing applications

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Simulink powertrain HIL model

Once you have modeled your control system or environment (plant model), you can use an industry standard toolchain such as SimulinkĀ® to test your controller strategies.

Once you are content the strategy is working well you can then take your model and build it into a pseudo real-time model to run on the host, either by using a re-programmable electronic control unit,Ā or by using a suitable HIL target.

Mechanical systems test and control

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Diagram of jet engine

Often, new concepts in mechanical engineering require new and more advanced control strategies to achieve their full potential.

To achieve time to market and maximise the potential of your new technology, it can be highly effective to use a model-based design for the control strategy and adopt Rapid Control Prototyping methodologies, allowing you to focus on your core competencies of mechanical design.

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