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How to easily repurpose HIL environments

Published on 30th January 2018

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With vehicle functionality advancing at a rapid rate, there is a much greater level of complexity involved in testing pre-production electrical systems. Modern cars can contain over 150 million lines of code and this number is ever-increasing as peripheral levels of functionality and automation grow.

Example Genix HIL racks

Example Genix HIL racks

As OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers meet these challenges, it’s important to have test systems that offer sufficient coverage and flexibility, as well as the ability to be easily reconfigured, allowing test procedures to be applied to multiple vehicle programs.

Genix technology offers signal conditioning defined in software. This allows HIL engineers to switch quickly between vehicle test programs. It also delivers high interoperability allowing engineers to quickly scale the capability of their HIL environments in response to increased or changing test requirements.

A broad range of distributed technology can be integrated with Genix HIL systems, offering functionality including the generation of standard automotive signals such as crank and cam, the simulation of resistances, current measurement, robustness testing and many more.


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How does Genix work?

Genix HIL Simulink target system

Genix Target

Genix systems are available from distributed intelligent signal generators to full HIL systems.

The 4.5GHz i7 Genix Target runs a plant model, programmed in Simulink, alongside Genix subracks containing power supplies, PODs and cards.

These special-purpose cards facilitate functionality such as communication switching and load emulation. Genix PODs contain modules which provide software-configured signal conditioning and provide the I/O to the real-world system. More advanced modules provide enhanced I/O flexibility and programmable signal generation.

Wide interoperability between multiple HIL test systems and technologies can be achieved with Genix, thanks to its high levels of compatibility with third-party systems. This allows engineers to avoid supplier lock-in and always have the most appropriate test solution available.


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