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Published on 4th February 2013

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add2 is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0 of VISUALCONNX.

Version 3.0 introduces an entirely new modern look and feel, while maintaining and enhancing the power and ease of use of this visualisation and control tool.

A new CAN connection allows easy access via a CANdb to any of the system’s variables on a CAN bus. Only two simple drag and drop operations are required for any CAN signal to be quickly and easily displayed in the visual format of your choice.

Also included are many further usability improvements, data logging and file handing enhancements.

Version 2.3a introduced usability enhancements and extra features for graphical representation and scripting. Now, the new package manager allows the a project to be packaged up, allowing easy distribution of calibration or testing screens to customers and suppliers.

Data logging features are substantially extended, including further enhanced visualisation of data, new compression options and extra data export facilities.

VISUALCONNX is a general-purpose graphical HMI and application developer. Graphical interfaces can easily be developed using simple, drag and drop editing.

In the full developer edition, advanced functionality can easily be added, using powerful scripting capabilities such as screen navigation, animation, conversion, data logging or calibration. Script templates are provided to make this capability accessible to all users.

Connection to your real-time or offline data can be made using standard supplied interfaces such as xPC, RT-Linux or MICROGen. Indeed, any other connection may be simulated via an open API. These connections can interface to almost anything, from communications channels through to databases – whether within the local PC, Network or other virtual or external data.

For more information download the brochure or log in to download a free 30-day trial.

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