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GTU automotive sub-assembly electronics test unit introduction video released

Published on 16th June 2017

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add2 is pleased to announce the publication of a video introducing the features of the Genix Test Unit. The GTU is used for production line automotive sub-assembly electronics testing and can test components including parking sensors, gesture units and vehicle cameras.

Automotive sub-assemblies such as bumpers and spoilers typically contain an array of electronic components, such as parking assist sensors, pedestrian sensors, gesture equipment, fog lamps and telecommunications receivers.

Furthermore, different engineering revisions may be identical in appearance which can increase the likelihood of incorrect parts being fitted.

Following the manufacture of these sub-assemblies, it is important to ensure that the correct components have been fitted, fully connected, and with the specified engineering revisions.

It’s important that these are tested correctly to avoid production line delays or product recalls.

Product demonstration videos provide an insight into how add2 systems meet aerospace and automotive testing and development requirements.

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More information on the Genix Test Unit – including our new video – is available here.

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