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Sens-X: High response and high sensitivity options released.

Published on 7th February 2017

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add2 is pleased to announce that the Sens-X range has been upgraded, and now features enhanced functionality with the addition of high response and high sensitivity options.Sens-X Collection These options have improved both measurement sensitivity and sample times for the Sens-X range.

The high response Sens-X options deliver a highest measurement frequency of 1000S/s. The high sensitivity options deliver a typical noise level rate of 50,000 times less than the rated current, which is a significant improvement on previous Sens-X smartfuses.

Other improved electrical characteristics include an absolute resolution of 24bits and a minimum measurement streaming period of 1ms.

Sens-X devices are high performance, compact, affordable instrumentation devices designed for measuring extremely wide dynamic range current signals.  They’re available in a range of configurations with the advantage being that you can plug them directly into the fuse board.

SX1 devices (pictured, right, bottom) are single digital signal processor (DSP) based plug-in boards that can be sleeved or un-sleeved depending on the level of physical protection required. SX3 devices are triple DSP based plug-in boards that are also either enclosed or un-sleeved and can measure three fuse channels simultaneously.Enclosed-DIN-Fuse-with-Remote-Sense-1024x257

SX1 devices can be supplied in an enclosed unit, whereas SX3 devices can be enclosed in a DIN rail with optional remote sense (right). Both units offer adapters for connectivity with a vast range of automotive fuse types.

Sens-X TVC (pictured, top) allows total vehicle current measurement up to peaks of 1000A, without physical range changing, and is connected in series with the vehicle battery.

Support and upgrade service (SUS) customers benefit from full documentation on Sens-X as well as case resolution and software updates. For more information please visit

More information on Sens-X is available here.

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