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Targeting Simulink models to multiple hardware?

Published on 22nd November 2017

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add2 has announced a new Simulink Target Support Package (TSP), allowing engineers to target their models for a range of real-time hardware.

flexiTARGET adapts to different microcontrollers and target hardware as the complexity of the model increases, facilitating the running of models on more capable hardware variants, without the need for significant further development.

Ultimately, flexiTARGET allows control model development to continue regardless of any hardware limitations.

Compatibility with a theoretically limitless selection of real-time hardware is achieved through users being able to target models to their chosen microcontroller.

The versatility of flexiTARGET allows engineers to no longer worry about hardware becoming obsolete. It can evolve alongside different microcontrollers, resulting in a smoother development cycle, and easier support for custom hardware.

Key features of flexiTARGET include:

  • Support for GCC and other low cost compilers
  • Support of any Matlab version including 2016b and beyond
  • Support for a growing range of microcontrollers
    • ​NXP MPC565 (MICROGen)
    • Microchip PIC32MZ
    • TI Hercules ™ TMS750
    • Highly extendable to support a range of other present and future microcontroller families

If you’re a controls engineer, compatibility can be achieved for a theoretically limitless selection of targets, allowing for more future-proof developments. 

If you’re a manufacturer of microcontrollers, we can produce customised targets for specific families. With development, flexiTARGET can target theoretically any microcontroller. add2 can increase your customer base by targeting your model of microcontroller, for a range of control development applications.

More information on flexiTARGET is available here.

More information on add2 products is available here. 

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