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programmable load cog overlay

Fully automate your functional testing with 60V programmable load

Posted in Automotive, Distributed systems, I/O and signal conditioning

Many functional tests require real loads for high fidelity testing, but often tests are performed on static loads that do not get close to representing the dynamic...

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COMMDongle USB CAN Interface Adapter

How to monitor CAN communications at a message level

Posted in Automotive, CAN interfacing

Test development engineers working in vehicle control systems need convenient and compact communications devices to interface with single or multiple CAN networks. These devices must have fully certified...

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EMC testing equipment rental now available

Posted in Automotive, LVTGO-VBS

Occasionally during embedded systems development, bottlenecks may occur where test resources are limited or a project grows unexpectedly. This could introduce unnecessary strain to the development process and...

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ABS Controller Gateway Example

How to resolve incompatible communications buses within vehicles

Posted in Automotive, Distributed systems, I/O and signal conditioning, MICROGen

When developing new control systems, it’s important to perform testing of the new control methodologies within the target network. However, different control systems may operate on different...

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engineer working with laptop on car engine

How to enhance robustness testing with waveform parameterisation

Posted in Automotive, LVTGO-VBS

Vehicles are harsh environments for electronics. Not only must electronics in vehicles function over a wide temperature range, but the supply voltages can also vary, such as...

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Introduce battery simulation into your automated test systems

Posted in Automotive, LVTGO-VBS

As systems become more fully-featured, and thus functionally more complex, it is important to test different abstracted levels of the system, such as the software model, the...

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Parametrized cranking waveform

EMC standards and robustness testing now up to 80V

Posted in Automotive, LVTGO-VBS

Have you ever had reports of functional testing errors from customers? How often do you have difficulties reproducing these faults? Are you looking to test ever more complicated...

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How to reduce production line delays without affecting productivity

Posted in Automotive, Production testing

Automotive sub-assemblies such as bumpers and spoilers typically contain an array of electronic components, such as parking assist sensors, pedestrian sensors, gesture equipment, fog lamps, telecommunications amplifiers...

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Genix Test Unit automotive bumper electronics tester

GTU automotive sub-assembly electronics test unit introduction video released

Posted in Automotive, New product announcements

add2 is pleased to announce the publication of a video introducing the features of the Genix Test Unit. The GTU is used for production line automotive sub-assembly electronics testing...

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