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Easily access up to 90 signal paths with add2 Breakout Box

Published on 19th March 2018

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During verification testing of production intent components, it is frequently necessary for engineers to gain physical access to multiple signals for various diagnostic purposes but often, solutions to this cause damage to existing wires or require extensive rewiring to take place.

Overview of 90-way Breakout Box with Jumpers Fitted

90-way Breakout Box

The add2 90-way Breakout Box is a compact, safe and convenient unit that provides quick and easy access to up to 90 individual signal paths.

The box is robust, reusable and can be easily integrated with existing test systems.  The 90-way input and output connectors have been chosen so that, if required, the unit can be removed from the hardware loop easily without any rewiring work.

This results in the unit  being able to be swiftly re-purposed and moved between multiple setups, shortening the time required to reconfigure and use test boards.

Key features include:

  • Small desktop footprint
  • User removable feet to allow for other mounting options (4x M4 threaded mounting points)
  • Widely available EDAC 516 series and 4mm connectors
  • Signal connections can be made using either insulated safety 4mm connectors or legacy 4mm banana jacks
  • Standard 19mm connector pitch spacing allows connection of a wide number of third party adaptors (such as dual 4mm jacks to BNC)
  • Generic channel numbering allows for unit reuse on new projects


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Closeup of wires plugged in to breakout box90 signals of up to 60V and 8.5A
can be accessed through the Breakout Box without introducing significant voltage drops. On average,  a resistance of only 30mΩ is added to each signal channel.

Access to each signal is provided by a touch safe 4mm socket, compatible with both insulated and non-insulated 4mm connectors for an extremely easy connection.



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