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Conduct high power HIL testing with new CAN controlled power supply

Published on 1st November 2017

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As the rapid development of future electric and hybrid powertrain systems continues, there is a growing need for high-power, controllable power supplies for use during functional testing.

A side effect of this development is the requirement for more hardware, ultimately reducing the amount of physical space available in laboratories.

Closed-loop, rack-based testing is a feasible solution for these scenarios, reducing physical space whilst retaining powerful functionality.

add2 has recently developed a new Genix rack housing a 3kW power supply, allowing flexible testing of high power systems to be carried out.

These systems, developed by add2, offer rack space for our Genix I/O range, facilitating software-reconfigurable signal conditioning with fault insertion and potentially hundreds of I/O within a single chassis.

Our new 60V programmable load card range can easily slot into the Genix rack, creating a flexible, portable system with multiple isolated channels and the ability to be programmed in  MATLAB Simulink®.

Key features of the new Genix Rack include:

  • Up to 3kW output
  • Range of voltages available 
  • Compact and rugged
  • Physical & virtual control panels
  • Control and monitoring via CAN bus

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The 3U-subrack based unit is designed to provide power to systems requiring a rugged, controllable power source with the ability to be controlled or monitored via CAN.

The power supply supports control from the front panel or remote control via CAN, making it suitable for unattended test applications such as HIL, test automation or real-time control systems.

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More information on the Genix HIL range is available here.

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