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How to perform size-efficient HIL testing

Published on 3rd October 2017

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When attempting to simulate plant models where physical space is limited, a compact, flexible and powerful system is ideal for testing.

add2 has recently released a new Genix Target, allowing powerful and flexible HIL testing to be carried out.

These systems, developed by add2, offer software-reconfigurable signal conditioning with fault insertion and potentially hundreds of I/O within a single chassis.

Front Perpective View - Cards Fitted - Cropped

This unit is the first of a new range offering an all-in-one-solution for integrating PC chassis and signal conditioning cards within a single rack-based solution. They are built around standard PC hardware and provide motherboard, processor, memory, power supply and PCI/PCIe slots for integration with many specialist I/O cards in a single chassis.

This minimises the complexity involved in connecting small-scale HIL projects. Because Genix offers signal conditioning that is re-configurable in software, the number of I/O required can be simplified. These units can be easily re-purposed for different testing requirements.

Key features of the new Genix Target include:

  • 4GHz processor
  • 60GB internal SSD storage (expansion available through 2x 2.5″ drives)
  • Simulink® Real-Time compatible
  • 4 PCI/PCIe slots
  • 3U sub-rack format
  • Wide selection of possible I/O including:
    • Genix re-configurable I/O (analogue, digital, PWM/frequency)
    • Fault insertion
    • Special purpose I/O

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The unit can be configured with our HCU (HIL Configuration Utility) software, and is fully compatible with Simulink® Real-Time.

Genix Targets can be expanded for equally size-efficient but larger systems, with additional racks. Target expansion also allows for an increased number of PCI/PCIe or Genix slots to be integrated.

Genix Targets can be used for standalone testing, or can be integrated within third-party HIL systems.

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More information on the Genix HIL range is available here.

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