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Visit add2 At EMC Fest 2018!

Posted in Automotive, Partners and announcements

We invite all who will be attending EMC Fest 2018 on 10th May 2018  in Livonia, Michigan, to come and join us at our stand. On display will be our...

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Vehicle test board

Watch how to perform more testing at the verification stage

Posted in Automotive, Hardware in the loop

A considerable amount of electronic validation and verification testing has been carried out on vehicle test boards for many years. These traditional automotive test boards consist of production-intent...

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0020_1 - Overview of 90-way Breakout Box with Jumpers Fitted trans bg

Easily access up to 90 signal paths with add2 Breakout Box

Posted in Automotive, Distributed systems, Hardware in the loop

During verification testing of production intent components, it is frequently necessary for engineers to gain physical access to multiple signals for various diagnostic purposes but often, solutions to...

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COMMDongle Pro and Lite

Interfacing to CAN? Watch how to easily analyse CAN Bus messages

Posted in Automotive, CAN interfacing

If you need to keep your toolbox lightweight, small and yet robust, then COMMDongle interfaces can help. The range is designed for test development engineers or students...

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Current measurement fuse holder

How to easily perform whole-vehicle current diagnostics

Posted in Automotive, Vehicle current measurement

In modern vehicles there has been a significant increase in the number of electronic hardware devices connected to the vehicle battery, each of which has the potential...

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Genix Test Unit artistic

Switch between vehicle test programs in minutes with Genix Test Unit

Posted in Automotive, Production testing

An upgrade is now available for our Genix Test Unit to allow firmware changes to take place on the factory floor.  As each new vehicle model year...

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Engine cranking waveform B

How to isolate embedded control faults in minutes: Watch now

Posted in Automotive, LVTGO-VBS

As the complexity and number of in-vehicle electronic controllers increases, so does the likelihood of their failure, especially during cranking or start/stop scenarios. When a fault does...

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Example Genix HIL Simulator Racks

How to easily repurpose HIL environments

Posted in Automotive, Hardware in the loop

With vehicle functionality advancing at a rapid rate, there is a much greater level of complexity involved in testing pre-production electrical systems. Modern cars can contain over 150 million...

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Vehicle verification test board

How dynamic powertrain signalling greatly improves your yellowboard test coverage

Posted in Automotive, Production testing

For years, much electronic automotive testing has been carried out on lab cars or yellowboards. Traditional automotive test boards consist of a metal framework, often taking the...

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