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Genix Test Unit artistic

Production testing of passive entry sensors now available

Posted in Automotive, Production testing

Latest developments to the Genix Test Unit allow for presence and correct engineering revision testing of passive entry sensors. Automotive sub-assemblies such as bumpers and spoilers typically...

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warwick racing

add2 announces partnership with Warwick Racing

Posted in Partners and announcements

add2 are delighted to announce a sponsorship agreement with the Warwick Racing team, based at the University of Warwick. The team will be sponsored by add2 throughout the 2017/18...

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Targeting Simulink models to multiple hardware?

Posted in New product announcements

add2 has announced a new Simulink Target Support Package (TSP), allowing engineers to target their models for a range of real-time hardware. flexiTARGET adapts to different microcontrollers and...

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Genix 0100 - 3kW + 350W HIL Overview of Completed Assy (Front) FULL SIZED

Conduct high power HIL testing with new CAN controlled power supply

Posted in Automotive, Distributed systems, I/O and signal conditioning, New product announcements

As the rapid development of future electric and hybrid powertrain systems continues, there is a growing need for high-power, controllable power supplies for use during functional testing....

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Front Perpective View - Cards Fitted - Cropped Genix Target

How to perform size-efficient HIL testing

Posted in Automotive, Distributed systems, I/O and signal conditioning, New product announcements

When attempting to simulate plant models where physical space is limited, a compact, flexible and powerful system is ideal for testing. add2 has recently released a new...

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programmable load cog overlay

Fully automate your functional testing with 60V programmable load

Posted in Automotive, Distributed systems, I/O and signal conditioning

Many functional tests require real loads for high fidelity testing, but often tests are performed on static loads that do not get close to representing the dynamic...

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COMMDongle USB CAN Interface Adapter

How to monitor CAN communications at a message level

Posted in Automotive, CAN interfacing

Test development engineers working in vehicle control systems need convenient and compact communications devices to interface with single or multiple CAN networks. These devices must have fully certified...

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EMC testing equipment rental now available

Posted in Automotive, LVTGO-VBS

Occasionally during embedded systems development, bottlenecks may occur where test resources are limited or a project grows unexpectedly. This could introduce unnecessary strain to the development process and...

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ABS Controller Gateway Example

How to resolve incompatible communications buses within vehicles

Posted in Automotive, Distributed systems, I/O and signal conditioning, MICROGen

When developing new control systems, it’s important to perform testing of the new control methodologies within the target network. However, different control systems may operate on different...

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