VISUALCONNX supports MICROGen for model download, tuning and diagnostics purposes, providing a highly productive development and test experience.


MICROGen uses CCP to interface to the real-time model for model download, upload of logged data and diagnostics.

If preferred, user interfaces can be designed to use the VISUALCONNX MultiCAN connection, which supports CAN databases both in the MICROGen model and the GUI.

Model and bootcode re-flash

VISUALCONNX supports both re-flashing of the Simulink model and the bootcode via the CAN bus.

MICROGen Model Download

Downloading a model to MICROGen (click to zoom)

Packaging the model

The model download file can be included in the VISUALCONNX project to allow the VISUALCONNX package manager to redistribute your model, along with the graphical user interface (GUI) for end users to sync the model and amend the GUI.

Drag and drop GUI

Using the VISUALCONNX intuitive drag and drop GUI, optional scripting and data logging capabilities, GUIs can be built very quickly and the Simulink model data easily associated with the controls on the GUI.

For the ultimate in capability, VISUALCONNX Developer version is supplied with the MICROGen productivity toolbox.

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